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Core aeration is the removal of 2.5-4 inch cylinder shaped cores of soil and thatch from your lawn.  Plugs pulled from your lawn will disperse back into the soil.

Why is this a "Great Service" to your lawn? 
 A.  It loosens compacted soil.  Compacted soil makes it difficult for roots to grow, limiting the movement of air, moisture and fertilizer through the soil.

B. Will reduce water requirements.  By relieving soil compaction, water penetration is increased and water run-off is reduced.

If your lawn has a thick layer of thatch, aerating twice a year will improve air and water flow and allow for nutrients to get to the root system which will make the plant stronger and more deeply rooted. A deeply rooted lawn will be healthier and better able to withstand drought, disease and insect stress.

Spring or Fall-Give us a call!

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