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Can't stand creepy crawlers outside of house and even in the house-We are here to help! 


Our product eliminates around 80 different creepy crawlers such as fleas, ticks, crickets, grasshoppers, spiders, beetles, roaches, millipedes and many more......... 


We offer a 3 step application which is done every 6-7 weeks starting the first half of May.  Our applications are strictly done outside around foundation of house and also garage if attached to house.  We apply the product starting at bottom of 1st story window and down  around landscape and out into the lawn about 6 ft.  Our product does not smell or stain so will not affect siding or paint.  It will not harm shrubs or flowers and is also food service friendly, so not harmful to humans or pets when properly applied.  Most applications start at $45 per time depending on how big the house is.  


                      We are now applying to entire yard if       you feel you have a flea or tick problem and have special pets you want to protect.  This service starts at $65 per average size lawn.  

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