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Round 1-Spring Application

Late March thru mid May

  This application is very essential to your lawns success as it is a complete balanced fertilizer with pre-emergent crabgrass control.  Crabgrass is one of those very ugly and fast spreading weeds that is #2 to  the dreaded dandelion that you don't want in your yard! Very important to get the pre-emergent product applied in a timely matter.  Along with the pre-emergent product we apply a liquid broadleaf control that will be applied after April 20th when weeds become actively growing.  All new customers that have not had our service or any other weed control products applied to their lawn will have a liquid application of weed control after April 20th to ensure successful weed control. 

We are pleased to inform you that we are again using a product called  Duration CR which we started using last year.  The product costs more than standard lawn fertilizers but we feel it is worth it as we are hearing wonderful comments from our customers about how much nicer their lawn looks. With  Duration CR you get 8-12 weeks of slow release feeding which means lower potential for leaching out of soil and it also means less stress to the grass plant in its growth and over all health.

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